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Check and Repair Hard Disk for Linux


No matter how well you take care of your computer, sometimes, it will just crash and you often have to pull off the plug to restart the computer. When such crashes happen, there is a chance that your filesystem will get corrupted or damage. It is advisable to do a filesystem check regularly to make sure that it is running properly and free of error.

 In Linux (and Mac), there is this powerful command “fsck” that you can use to check and repair your filesystem. “Fsck” stands for “File System Consistency checK”.


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Recommended mod_security best Rules


Mod_security is a popular Apache plugin that serves as a Web Application Firewall, screening requests coming in to the webserver based on a set of configurable rules. 

The “best rules” for mod_security are often requested, although there is not a ruleset that is absolutely the best. Every website and application has slightly different circumstances, which will require some fine-tuning of the rules to make sure they are strict enough to be protective, but not so strict as to disallow normal users. 

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TOP 100 (Q and A) for Cpanel


The following cpanel question and answers is used for exam and cpanel interview session.  cPanel university started test for cpanel certification. Read the cpanel documentation and cPanel knowledge base  to prepare cpanel test and DON’T copy and past these answers for your cpanel exams.  Try to write exam with your own style.

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top 15 commands for linux .. guys
in this tutorial top 15 commands for linux
because knowing these commands will make your life a whole lot easier!
i’m also showing examples on how to use the command as well.

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How To Anti (syn_flood – slowloris flood …etc)


? In short, I will establish some links to illustrate some of the information on these attacks
what is the SYN FLOOD ?
Read This :
what is the Slowloris ? 
Read This :

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How To block some country from your server

Hello guys block

How to i Can Block specific country from my server?

Is it possible to do so?

Yes, definitely and very easily you can block certain countries from your server ?

Follow me step by step

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