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DOWNLOAD winbox3.0Rc5 – new FREE

Hello guys winbox

A new version of winbox 3.0Rc5
Characterized many advantages you can discover on your own
We are advised to use


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rule : best ping mikrotik

Hello Do you suffer from high level of Ping in your network? just use this rule It adjusts the level of ping on a network /ip firewall mangle add action=mark-connection chain=postrouting comment=”East4ServQoS OF PING” disabled=\ no new-connection-mark=ping-ip passthrough=yes protocol=icmp add action=mark-packet chain=postrouting comment=” East4Serv QoS OF PING” \ connection-mark=ping-ip disabled=no new-packet-mark=packet_ip \ passthrough=yes /queue treeRead more about rule : best ping mikrotik[…]

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Howto Cache Youtube with SQUID / LUSCA and donkey Cached Videos from Mikrotik Queue

 What is LUSCA / SQUID ? LUSCA is an advance version or Fork of  SQUID 2. The Lusca project aims to fix the shortcomings in the Squid-2. It also supports a variety of clustering protocols. By Using it, you can cache some dynamic contents that you previously can’t do with the squid. For example [jz]Read more about Howto Cache Youtube with SQUID / LUSCA and donkey Cached Videos from Mikrotik Queue[…]

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How To add SQUID Proxy Server with MIKROTIK

To add SQUID Proxy Caching Server support in Mikrotik, Assuming the following Scenario.


I assume that you already have working Mikrotik in place, and Already configured SQUID Server ready, (You can search guides about there configurations at my blog), I will just show you how to interconnect them together so All users browsing port 80 request will go to SQUID for caching facility)

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Mikrotik Hotspot: Different login page for Mobile Users

Recently a Nigerian friend asked about how we can configure different login page for Mobile users , which could be a light weight and customized for mobile/pda screen size with customized welcome message. Following is a quick method on how you can display different login page if user is login from mobile or device, & default login page for desktop users.
This is quick method, but if you want more sophisticated method like detect client by device, then you can use variable functions and act accordingly.
First the logic: You have to create 3 html pages,

1-     login.html
2-    mobilelogin.html
3-    otherlogin.html

1- login.html [Re directer which check user device/screen size]

login.html page is a kind of re directer which will actually check the screen size of client device/screen. If it found it less then 800/600 , it will assume its a mobile device and will redirect to mobilelogin.html,
otherwise it will display another login page otherlogin.html which could be default login page for all.
First create login.html

<script type="text/javascript">
if ((screen.width<=800) && (screen.height<=600)) {
else {

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