Enabling Let’s Encrypt for AutoSSL on Cpanel Servers


With the recent release of cPanel & WHM version 58 there has been the addition of an AutoSSL feature, this tool can be used to automatically provide Domain Validated SSLs for domains on your WHM & cPanel servers.

Initially this feature was released with support provided for only cPanel (powered by Comodo) based SSL certificates, with the plans to support more providers as things progressed. As of now, cPanel & WHM servers running version 58.0.17, and above, can now also use Let’s Encrypt as an SSL provider. More information on Let’s Encrypt can be found here.

Pre-Flight Check

  • These instructions are intended specifically for a managed Liquid Web server with cPanel.
  • The server should be running cPanel & WHM version 58.0.17, or higher.
  • Command line and root level access via SSH will be necessary to follow this tutorial.

Step #1: Enable Let’s Encrypt Auto SSL provider!

In order to install the Let’s Encrypt AutoSSL provider plugin you will simply log in to the server as the root user via SSH and execute the following command:

# /scripts/install_lets_encrypt_autossl_provider

Running this will add and install the necessary RPM files in order to support Let’s Encrypt as an AutoSSL provider. The command should yield results similar to the following:

Installed the cpanel-letsencrypt RPM! AutoSSL can now use Let’s Encrypt.

Step #2: Verify your work

To double check that this has been successful you can simply pull up WHM and load the ‘Manage AutoSSL’ page. Upon loading this page you should see a list similar to the following screenshot.

WHM AutoSSL w/ Let's Encrypt
If your server’s ‘Manage AutoSSL’ page shows the same options as above you have successfully enabled Let’s Encrypt for AutoSSL.

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