A valuable extension to the Hacking Exposedfranchise; the authors do a great job of
incorporating the vast pool of knowledge of security testing from the team who built the Open
Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)into an easy-to-digest, concise read
on how Linux systems can be hacked.
Steven Splaine
Author, The Web Testing Handbookand Testing Web Security
Industry-Recognized Software Testing Expert
With Pete being a pioneer of open-source security methodologies, directing ISECOM, and
formulating the OPSA certification, few people are more qualified to write this book than him.
Matthew Conover
Principal Software Engineer
Core Research Group, Symantec Research Labs
You’ll feel as if you are sitting in a room with the authors as they walk you through the steps
the bad guys take to attack your network and the steps you need to take to protect it. Or, as the
authors put it: “Separating the asset from the threat.” Great job, guys!
Michael T. Simpson, CISSP
Senior Staff Analyst
PACAF Information Assurance
An excellent resource for security information, obviously written by those with real-world
experience. The thoroughness of the information is impressive —very useful to have it presented in
one place.



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