Linux Network Administrators Guide


This book was written to provide a single reference for network administration in a Linux environment.
Beginners and experienced users alike should find the information they need to cover nearly all important
administration activities required to manage a Linux network configuration. The possible range of topics to
cover is nearly limitless, so of course it has been impossible to include everything there is to say on all
subjects. We’ve tried to cover the most important and common ones. We’ve found that beginners to Linux
networking, even those with no prior exposure to Unix−like operating systems, have found this book good
enough to help them successfully get their Linux network configurations up and running and get them ready
to learn more.
There are many books and other sources of information from which you can learn any of the topics covered
in this book (with the possible exception of some of the truly Linux−specific features, such as the new Linux
firewall interface, which is not well documented elsewhere) in greater depth. We’ve provided a bibliography
for you to use when you are ready to explore more.



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