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Hello !

Do you have a problem in monitoring the status of your customers servers?
Do you want to monitoring of your server with instantaneous send a detailed report of all processes downtime!

Was finished writing code that checks the status of our server group with sending an immediate alert in the event of a hitch with the last report stopped processes in detail!

Follow with me how to installation and setup :

How to setup it ?

  • Log in to SSH server 
  • cd /bin && wget && chmod +x uptime-east4serv
  • create file in ” / ”  name : /server-ip-list.txt  
  • Execute command  ( touch /server-ip-list.txt ) 
  • add all servers IP or HOSTNAME  
  • Make sure the absence of any spaces or blank lines in this file !


  • make sure add your mail to /bin/uptime-east4serv 




root@server [~]# uptime-east4serv

And wait for emergence of output : 



Go to your mail , you will find a report message




last step : 

echo “*/5 * * * * uptime-east4serv” >> /var/spool/root

service crond restart 

So it is monitoring every 5 minutes

Regards,, 🙂



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