OpenVZ Can’t umount (unmount) device or resource busy

Hi openvz

The error you may see in this instance would say “Can’t umount /var/lib/vz/root/OpenVZID device or resource busy”, or “Can’t umount /var/lib/vz/root/222: Device or resource busy TASK ERROR: command ‘vzctl umount 222 ’ failed: exit code 51″, in this case the container being 222.  Here’s how I was able to fix it … 

In the examples below I will be using 222 for the OpenVZ container ID, just change that to whatever container you are troubleshooting.


First, be sure to stop the server fronting for this problem

Once the container is shutdown, attempt to unmount it and see if it throws any errors:

If you still can’t unmount it, try these to see if anything stands out:


now can you start or stop vps without facing any mistakes

vzctl start 222

vzctl stop 222

If there are other questions i’m present for help via free support : 

good luck 🙂

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