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how to install ImageMagick php7 cpanel

Hello how to install imagemagick for php 7 Cpanel just Follow these steps :     Code: yum install ImageMagick ImageMagick-devel pcre-devel Once you do that, try reinstalling the PECL module for each version of PHP used on the system. For example, with PHP 7: Code: /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/pecl uninstall imagick /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/pecl install imagick Thank you.

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!! Failed to install CPAN Perl module(s)

After all these years of using Cpanel, I finally have had a disaster using Easyapache.

Here are my details:

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How To downgrade Apache to EasyApache 3 – Cpanel


Although the issuance of apache easyapache 4 became mandatory in modern versions of cpanel
but some see him he issued a complex deal

so you can easily go back to version easyapache 3 performs the following commands respectively

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Apache error – “Too many open files”

OK, our high load server went down this evening and Apache was spitting out these “Too many open file” error messages. Then asking me to increase the file descriptors.

Note: We have over 7000 virtualhosts on this server, so that’s a lot of logfiles open! Before anyone says i’m crazy, I’m not. The server load is absolutely fine and it’s not even breaking a sweat. IO times are fine also.
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Recommended mod_security best Rules


Mod_security is a popular Apache plugin that serves as a Web Application Firewall, screening requests coming in to the webserver based on a set of configurable rules. 

The “best rules” for mod_security are often requested, although there is not a ruleset that is absolutely the best. Every website and application has slightly different circumstances, which will require some fine-tuning of the rules to make sure they are strict enough to be protective, but not so strict as to disallow normal users. 

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Sometimes 3rd party PHP code just refuses to launch. Actually, it happens quite often. If you have just copied it and it worked – it’s a good sign. This time it wasn’t the case.

After going through all the initial steps, it looked like it should work, but instead of usual runtime errors this PHP application, running on Apache 2.4.9 & PHP 5.5.12, started showing this:


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